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Video Editing for YouTube

Are you looking for someone to edit your videos you shot on your phone? You’ve tried to edit them but gave up because it was time consuming? We can help edit your DIY videos at an affordable price.

Video Editing

DIY videos are often unpolished as is, and they distract viewers if they were not edited. Advance planning and editing can help you turn your DIY footage into something better, if not great.

Affordable video editing

We trim, cut unnecessary portions, and add background music, subtitles, images and effects. Tell us who are your target audience and what are your goals with videos.

Introductory special price is available: Raw footage up to 15 minutes total $60, 5 minutes additional $30, or editing time charge $30 per hour, with minor corrections up to 2 times

Selection of materials

If you have a lot of video footage and you don't know which ones are good to use, we can skim through them and select ones that are attractive and informative. We will use free sound and image materials to add tastes to videos, or you can provide us those materials.

Thumbnails and channel art production

We also create thumbnails and channel art. They are not only for improving your brand, but also for attention grabbing.

Premiere Pro for editing work

We use Premiere Pro – a popular editor used by professionals for its high quality output. We will deliver a MP4 file and also upload it to YouTube.


Video Editing

  1. LET’S START: Contact us from the web form.
  2. CONSULTATION: We hold a meeting by phone or email or meeting local clients.
  3. SCOPE & SPEC: We send our proposal that includes the project outline and estimate. We also sign an agreement and accept a deposit (50% of the estimate) to start the production.
  4. MATERIALS: Raw footage, text for titles and subtitles, and any image files should be sent to us.
  5. REVIEW & REVISIONS: 2 minor revisions are included in the price. (Additional fees for extra rounds and also major changes.)
  6. FINAL REVIEW & APPROVAL: We accept the balance.
  7. DELIVERY: Final MP4 file is sent.