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Drupal Website Development & Database Integration

Our custom-designed website solution is built specifically for your company and services in mind. Membership management, industry-specific business practices, or external data import - possibilities are endless.

Midsize Web Development

Advantages of Drupal are scalability, flexibility, and security, when compared to other CMSs. We utilize Drupal for advanced content management and complex database integration.

Drupal as the framework

We utilize Drupal, the most trusted Content Management System. It's so trusted that it's used by Nasa and Tesla's websites. Using Drupal enables us to implement any features you may need now and in the future. If your current website's functions are not meeting your expectations, please consider our custom Drupal website development service.

Providing functions that are tailored to our client's needs

We build a website with the best features for your business needs, and add new features and make changes to existing features when you need to implement them.

Feature Examples

  • Membership services
  • Member permission management that members can manage their own profiles
  • Customized forms such as user questionnaires, job applications, or customer support inquiries
  • Google Analytics, SEO, linking to SNS
  • Connecting with online services via API
  • Special event page, targeted landing page, posting by external writers

Maintenance, updates, security, and more

CMS website maintenance is essential for retaining your customers. To ensure your website in a relevant condition, we need to perform regular check-ups. We will support all of your maintenance needs once the development of your Drupal website is done, such as module updates, system updates, security updates, and changes in hosting environment.




Database integration on Linux server

For customers who need their own data management, we provide installation, configuration and migration services of a system using a MySQL database on a Linux hosting server. We integrate your data into the website and build a system, such as linking your own database to the website, importing external data from a third party, processing collection of data sets, and creating a report.

Consultation on system structure

We provide consultation for cases, such as the website created with a template moving to a fully customized website, the existing system becoming obsolete and being difficult to maintain, or the original web developer being no longer accessible. We analyze your current system and suggest the optimal system configuration.

We also support more complex structures - connecting multiple databases and web servers, optimizing for performance, and interweaving multiple systems.

Drupal Website Case Studies

Case 1 | Membership Website

We have developed a membership-based website for craft classes. Members consist of more than 30 craft instructors and more than 1000 students who attend the craft classes. In addition, users from different roles can log in and manage the areas that are allowed per user permission. The website is not only publishing the information about the craft lessons, but also providing members only interactions.


  • Students can edit their own profile
  • Instructors can create and edit their class profile pages, and have the ability to register, change or delete their students for the class.
  • Headquarters administrator can grasp student information for all classes and send emails to all students.
  • Headquarters’ writers can publish newsletters.

Case 2 | Content Syndication

We have built a content website for a common interest group. It supports both non-members and members, and the total number of pages is more than 3000.


  • Bulletin board is open for anybody to post a comment, ask questions, and answer the questions.
  • Created commentary pages by privileged members
  • Automated import of syndicated contents from partner bloggers
  • Traffic analysis with Google Analytics
  • Monetize using Google AdSense and Amazon Associates

Case 3 | Real Estate Website

We have developed a custom website of an independent real estate company. The company has the unique local customer base (both property owners and buyers) and their data is proprietary that large-scale vendors do not have.


  • Connections to real estate industry-specific database APIs and automatically import property information from other real estate agencies.
  • Property search capability. Users can search properties with conditions, such as price and location. Users can store their favorite properties on the website and send inquiries to the company.
  • Website shows unique properties the company manages.
  • Employees of the company can manage properties right on the website.
  • Japanese and English bilingual website
  • Pages targeting specific audiences by categorizing properties.


Custom Website

  1. LET’S START: Contact us from the web form.
  2. CONSULTATION: We hold a meeting by phone or email or meeting local clients.
  3. SCOPE & SPEC: We send our proposal that includes the project outline and estimate. We also sign an agreement and accept a deposit (50% of the estimate) to start the production.
  4. CONTENT: Text and images should be sent to us.
  5. DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: Design concepts confirmed, and development starts.
  6. REVISIONS: Reviews and testing. We implement revisions.
  7. FINAL REVIEW & APPROVAL: We accept the balance.
  8. LAUNCH: Set the website live.
  9. WARRANTY: Warranty period is for 30 days from the date of the launch. We make any final adjustments.
  10. MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT: We provide maintenance services covering security, system, and module updates. We also support all update and change requests from our client.